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This month our tips come from our expert Rachel!
* If you wanted to go one more day before washing your hair, use dry shampoo the night before and sleep on it.  This will help absorb more oil and prevent that dusty matte look dry shampoos often leave behind.
* Exfoliate your skin a few says before a bikini wax (or any wax body). It will help prevent ingrown hairs and skin irritation.
* Mix raw sugar with your favorite lip balm and rub your lips together to remove dead skin and prevent cracking.
* To treat ingrown toenails, soak your foot in a hot epsom salt bath, cut the nail straight across, and wedge a small piece of gauze between the toenail and skin (be sure to change gauze daily).  This will to help lift the nail as it grows.  Once the nail is grown out, avoid cutting too short or rounding the corners.

* To make bright lips even brighter and to increase longevity of lipstick wear, prime your lips with your foundation. This gives your lipstick a neutral background so the purest pigment can pop (think of priming a wall before painting it)!  


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